Hintex Customs Agency

Hintex is a neutral customs agent with more than 20 years experience (est. 1989) in clearances for both air freight and sea freight.  We have offices in Rotterdam and at Schiphol airport and are connected to all systems of the Dutch Customs Authorities.
Moreover Hintex is:

  • AEO certified
  • Member of FENEX (Dutch Forwarding Association)

Download forms:
instructions for import, export and T1 documents - authorisation direct representation - power of attorney for fiscal representation

A selection of the services we offer:
  • Customs clearance: export and import
  • Issuing T1 NCTS documents
  • Direct representation
  • Limited fiscal representation
  • Temporary importation / re-exportation
  • Temporary exportation / re-importation
  • Issuing documents for restitution cargo
  • Submitting documents and organising veterinary controls
  • Consultancy
  • Resolving disputes with Customs Authorities - objection and appeal procedures


Hintex Customs Agency BV

Waalhaven Z.Z. 12 H
Havenstaete II
3088 HH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Boeing Avenue 215, 3rd Floor, Unit 7
Kantoorgebouw "Columba"
1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands

Rotterdam Office

tel +31 10 424 1893

Schiphol Office

tel +31 20 820 45 30 / 31

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