Herfurth Shipping

In the Netherlands, Herfurth Shipping currently represents following shipping lines:

PIL (Pacific International Lines)

  • Weekly container service (FES Service) covering the whole of the Far East, Australia and New Zealand to and from Northern Europe.
  • Weekly container services covering the whole of the Far East to/from:
    • Black Sea
    • Canada
    • the Indian sub-continent
    • Red Sea/Gulf
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • East & West Coast of South America
    • West Coast of USA
    • East Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
    • West & South Africa incl. Mozambique
  • Multi-purpose service from Southeast Asia and China to East/South/West Africa

MELL (Mariana Express Lines)

  • MELL currently carries containers between China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and the Pacific Islands, using Hong Kong and Kaohsiung as hubs. From Europe, MELL is able to offer from Rotterdam / Hamburg / Antwerp.  For overview destinations click here
  • MELL strives to provide shippers and consignees with services that have regular sailing schedules and fast transit times.

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